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Don't forget that singing can be a great release and stress buster. It's also good for your memory, your focus and concentration as well as being fun. I have found it hard to stick my own routine of practise during Lockdown, but I always feel tons better when I do!!!

  • This year I shall be moving to Axminster on the Deven/Dorset border. The moving process has been complicated by Lockdown, but I am still aiming to get there and be teaching in Axminster by the autumn. I am currently offering Zoom lessons at a much reduced rate, so that is open to anyone anywhere. I have a lot of support material available for singers during this difficult time.

  • For the best results with Zoom you need a fairly stable internet connection, an external microphone( which doesn't need to cost much) and some people find wearing headphones useful. Its best on a laptop and not a phone.

  • If you are an ex pupil of mine, or just someone who has contributed to our concert making, you are welcome to join our troupe in the invite only Facebook site, where I have stored support materials, many song accompaniments and the singing exercises. 

  • If you would like to try out a short introductory Zoom lesson with me CONTACT ME

Best Wishes,

Lizzie Perring








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