Our repertoire is drawn from medieval, renaissance and impressionistic and original sources with a touch of the gothic about it. Lizzie Perring Voice, Keyboard, Accordion Drone & Sarah Laughton Bass Clarinet and Clarinet

Last performances in Coventry Charterhouse and St. John the Baptist Church, Coventry


Our current repertoire with some references to the music in other peoples arrangements:

Siciliana by Alfredo Cassella and Westminster Abbey by Grovlez. Piano music arranged for bass clarinet and keyboard

Worldes Blis medieval sung sermon arranged for voice, bass clarinet and accordion drone

Flow My Tears a John Dowland lament and Here the Deities Approve (would love to have this dancer with us!!) and Purcell song arranged for voice and bass clarinet 

Speigel im Speigel by Arvo Part (a work in progress) for clarinet and keyboard

The Thaw by Lizzie Perring (1985) for voice and bass clarinet. A love song from the far icy North.

Currently we are arranging and rehearsing Ecco la Primavera and also a second piece by Alfredo Cassella. Hoping to add in a Dust version of a John Harle piece and Speigel im Speigel with clarinet. 




Performing Baroque music in contemporary arrangements. Arias with obligatos to instrumental solos and duets for all the varied combinations our instruments will allow. 

Debut performance at St. John the Baptist Church, Coventry

Lizzie Perring
Voice and Keyboard
I am a singing teacher and performer based in Coventry. I studied singing at the Colchester Institute. There have been lots of collaborations in music making and theatrical pieces and many concerts for my pupils. Last year I decided to plunge into my  own performing world again.
Adam Hibberd
Keyboard and Arrangements
I am a pianist and composer who was previously involved in the aerospace sector as a flight software engineer. I am a member of the musical group Superheroes Dream. Currently I serenade lunchtime audiences at St. John the Baptist every Friday from 1pm with a wide range of music, from Chopin to Scott Joplin and my own compositions.
Jane Meredith
Oboe and Cor Anglais
I heard the oboe and knew it was for me at primary school, but I had to wait until I was 13 when, according to the school, I grew big enough to cope. I was fortunate to have a brilliant teacher from early on and played extensively through my teenage, university and twenties. Family and job meant that I took a 20-year break, starting again in 2013 when I joined the Heart of England Co-operative Concert Orchestra. Since then, I have begun to play for several small groups and deputise with oboe and cor anglais in other local
Elizabeth Marsh
Flute and Alto Flute 
I took up flute in my 20s and, initially self-taught, I started lessons a few years later and have had some superb teachers, in particular Colin Lilley (formerly second flute in the CBSO). I joined the Heart of England Co-operative Concert Orchestra in 2009, and have also played with Lizzie Perring and Unlock the Music from around the same time. From time-to-time, I play third flute in Warwick-based Oriflamme Ensemble. In 2012, I passed ABRSM Grade 8 with distinction. I enjoy playing a wide range of classical music – on flute, piccolo, and alto flute.
Sarah Laughton
Clarinet, Bass Clarinet and recorders
I play saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet and recorders and I have been in Coventry bands since the mid 1990s including The Pigeons, Mother’s Jam and Superheroes Dream. I now play in The Moonbears and we are currently recording a double album.  Music has always been at the centre of things for me - I remember picking up a recorder and reading my first music note when I was 5 years old. I started clarinet lessons at age 11 and taught myself saxophone in my 20s.

Currently we are rehearsing a wide range of new instrumental pieces and arias. More Bach and Handel, but also Scarlatti and Louillet. Our next performance will feature cor anglais as well as alto flute and probably recorder. Exploring all the potential variations we have in the instrumentation of our ensemble. 



Lizzie Perring voice

Adam Hibberd keyboard and arrangements

Jim Hensman hosting, poetry and creative writing

Chris Olde monologues

Nick le Mesurier occasional hosting

Between Us 2018

A set of jazzy and contemporary songs on the theme of love found and lost with poetry and a dash of Mr Pickwick. Performed at Treehouse Bookshop, Earlsdon Festival (excerpts) and the cafe at St.John the Baptist Church.




Between Us 2019 

A set in preparation on the theme of "The Moon" to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. Our new set includes our usual commitment to the songs of Hoagy Carmichael and Joni Mitchell amongst all sorts of others. Out and about with this set Spring 2019 but still out about with our 2018 set!



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